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Hymson has been deeply engaged in laser and automation, it has been recognized as one of the top comprehensive solution suppliers in the industry.


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Hymson Laser Technology Group Co., Ltd. was established in 2008 and listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board (STAR Market) in 2020 with the stock code 688559. As a leading provider of laser and automation solutions, Hymson excels in the intelligent manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaics, Micro-LED, consumer electronics, and sheet metal. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Hymson has four production bases in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Changzhou, and Chengdu. It has also established subsidiaries in South Korea, the United States, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Singapore to accelerate its global expansion. In the era of Industry 4.0, Hymson always remembers its mission of "Transforming the global equipment landscape, advancing human intelligent manufacturing."

By focusing on cutting-edge technologies, Hymson drives industrial transformation and collaborates closely with its global customers to shape the future of intelligent manufacturing.

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Bases & Subsidiaries

We apply leading laser and automation technologies to various fields.

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  • Hymson Laser Technology Group Co.,Ltd.

    Headquartered in Building B of Kemron Technology and Science Park, Shenzhen. The production base in Shenzhen is located at No. 26,  Huanguan South Road,  Longhua District. With a focus on science and technology,  Hymson is dedicated to technological innovation and consistently increases investment in research and development,  resulting in the acquisition of numerous technological patents. Hymson has attracted experienced professionals from around the world with expertise in 3C technology, medicine, electricity, and semiconductors.

  • Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

    Hymson (Jiangmen) Laser Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in March, 2017, which is located in Pengjiang district, Jiangmen, Guangdong. It is a subsidiary of Hymson laser technology group, focuses on R&D, produce of equipment served sheet-metal as well as a production base for lithium equipment in southern China. 

  • Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment (Jiangsu) Co.,ltd.

    Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment (Jiangsu) Co.,ltd. was established in July, 2017. Located at economic development zone of Jintan, Changzhou, mainly sevice new energy industries, like lithium, photovoltaic.

  • Hymson Laser Intelligent Equipment (Chengdu) Co.,ltd.

    Hymson signed a contract in the western financial innovation center, Chengdu, Sichuan. It's a significant sign that Hymson western headquarters and phase 1 of production base in Chengdu were launched. Chengdu Hymson will be a base integrated R&D and operation, keep financial independent to service in lithium, photovoltaic, new energy vehicles, new energy storage and so on, to faster, better meet customer requirements.

  • Headquarter
  • Jiangmen Base
  • Jiangsu Base
  • Chengdu Base
To be the first-class brand in the integrated laser automation industry in the world.


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    • Founded Hymson, portable laser machine created
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    • Publishing of etching template laser machine
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    • Guangzhou Hymson established
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    • Entered into Automation
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    • Second prize of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in China
    • Publishing 5W air cooling ultraviolet laser
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    • National High-tech enterprise
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    • Laser Precision Equipment was published
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    • Innovation specialist equipment for new energy, become a leading enterprise
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    • Golden ball award of annual innovative technical products
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    • Founded Jiangmen Hymson & Jiangsu Hymson
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    • Annual technical innovative award
    • Li-ion industry competitiveness award
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    • Jianmen Hymson & Jiangsu Hymson went into operation
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    • List on stock market
    • Stock code:688559
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    • Expand production in Shenzhen, Jiangmen, Jiangsu
    • Won Golden Ball of 2021 from GGII
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    • Obtained Chinese Excellent Patent Award
    • Shenzhen famous brand
    • Phased 2 in Jiangmen & Jiangsu production base Launched


  • Mission

    To change equipment pattern and promote manufacturing progress in the world

  • Vision

    To be the first-class brand in the integrated laser automation industry in the world

  • Value

    Customer orientation, Commitment to excellence, Solidarity and mutual trust, Commitment to undertaken, never say no and mission driven

  • Philosophy

    1.To provide tailor made services for win-win partnership
    2.The ultimate mission is problem resolved
    3.Quality and reliability are the fundamental to our excellence
    4.Willing to take challenges and tolerate honest mistakes
    5.Diversity, provide an environment of embracing and giving full play to talents
    6.Integrity, gratefulness

  • Spirit

    Perseverance and commitment

  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Value
  • Philosophy
  • Spirit

Innovation and R&D provide a solid foundation for facing the future.

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    R&D Test
    R&D Test

    Break through traditional technology development mode, introduce advanced engineering methods and tools.

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    R&D Team
    R&D Team

    The number of person in R&D, engineering,technology has increased by 100% annually. Personnel structure is optimizing.

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    R&D Lab
    R&D Lab

    Eastablished Xingneng RD insititute, Changzhou Hymson Laser center, Shenzhen Hymson Laser center,which are focus on digitalization research.

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    University-enterprise cooperation
    University-enterprise cooperation

    Developed cooperation with Xi'an Jiaotong University, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Jiangsu University etc.

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    Research Input
    Research Input

    Estimated research input in 2022 reached by 300 million.



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