Automation comphrensive solution supplier, has formed a strong benefit in laser,automation and intelligence application field.-Hymson Laser Technology Group Co.,ltd.

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    Shining worldwide, Intelligence drives future
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    Transform the world equipment landscape,Promote the process of human intelligent manufacturing
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    Laser & Automation comprehensive solution supplier
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  • 1.Hymson: Your Laser Expert for Battery Innovation
  • 2.Shining worldwide, Intelligence drives future
  • 3.Transform the world equipment landscape,Promote the process of human intelligent manufacturing
  • 4.Laser & Automation comphrensive solution supplier
  • 5.Hymson's business landscape
Latest Developments

We never stop explore

  • The Battery Show Europe 2024: Hymson Invites You to Explore Laser Solutions for Battery Innovation
  • Hymson at CIBF 2024: Empowering Innovation and Driving Global Expansion
  • Hymson Presents Its Latest Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions for LIB and Consumer Electronics Equipment at the 2024 InterBattery
  • Hymson Achieves Complete Success at the 2024 Battery Japan!
  • Focus on energy storage and build efficient and stable welding equipment
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  • EV Battery

    Providing cutting-edge technology and tailored solutions for all stages of lithium-ion battery production, covering the front, middle, and back-end processes.

  • Electronics

    Relying on years of industry experience, we offer automatic intelligent manufacturing solution for various process segments of consumer electronics, and are able to quickly respond to customer needs.

  • Photovoltaic

    Laser Machining Equipment for Photovoltaic
    Innovation process, decrease machine operation costs.

  • Smart Home

    Assistance smart home manufacturing
    Laser + automation technology creates comfortable and convenient lifestyle at home.

  • Life Sciences

    Our product solutions are clean, energy-efficient, stable, reliable, and contribute to the development of healthcare.

  • Modern Building

    Green energy, nature-oriented approach, and intelligent manufacturing for energy-efficient modern buildings.

  • Transports

    Develop new production way for transports
    Lighter, smarter and safer transports production.

  • Sheet-metal Working

    Sheet-metal working is one of the most important application fields.

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    EV Battery
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    Smart Home
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    Life Sciences
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    Modern Building
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    Sheet-metal Working

Core Technology

Hymson has independently developed advanced laser technology, and has years of experience in the customization and development of automation equipment.

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    Constantly advance laser processing technology and broaden its market applications.

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    High-quality and intelligent manufacturing drives excellent production
    Leader of one-stop solution for intelligent manufacturing solution.

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    Intelligent Manufacturing

    Computer simulation and analysis drive digital manufacturing.

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    Basic Technology

    Strong basic technology accumulation drives sustainable manufacturing.

About Us
To be the leading brand in the global integrated laser & automation industry.
Founded in 2008, Hymson is a Laser & Automation comprehensive solution supplier, has formed a strong benefit in laser,automation and intelligence application field.
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