Laser—— Laser Beam Welding

Laser-Laser Beam Welding


Principle of laser welding

There are two forms of laser welding according to the power density hit on workpiece,heat conduction welding and keyhole welding.The heat conduction welding process occurs when the power density is typically less than 10⁵W/cm².In this type, the metal surface is heated above the melting point of metal,but not to the extent that it vaporizes.The heat of laser beam was absorbed and conducted into inner of metal to melt metal. Keyhole welding is used require high power density, typically over 10⁵W/cm².With higher power densities , the laser beam simultaneously melts and evaporates the metal surface while conductors absorb excess heat.The laser beam penetrates the workpiece forming a keyhole cavity. As the laser travels across cavity, achieving deep welds,resulting in excellent depth to width ratio and weld cap with a chevron pattern.


Technical Advantages

  • Laser Cutting and Welding of thin Aluminum
  • Hybrid Welding & ARM Welding
  • Cylindrical battery welding
  • Steel button battery welding
  • Plastic welding
  • Mass welding
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    Laser Cutting and Welding of thin Aluminum
    • Industry-leading technology, laser welding and cutting integration.
    • Support laser welding of 0.3 mm/0.1 mm large aluminum case with the top cover while ensuring consistent cutting or welding quality.
  • Hybrid Welding & ARM Welding
    • Welding of top cover on battery
      Battery cover plate welding with dual-band composite laser, yield≥ 99.9%;
    • High-Speed Connectors Welding
      With the industry-leading technology, the welding speed of the connector has been increased from 200mm/s to 400mm/s, which greatly improves production efficiency.
    • High-speed seal welding (side welding, splice welding)
      The domestic leading technology enables high-speed splicing welding during the sealing of top cover, bringing the production capacity from 15 PPM up to 30 PPM with high stability.
    • Hybrid laser welding of sealing pin
      As a leading technology in China, it mainly adopts small pulse width and high frequency to realize closed loop welding of sealing nail. The new technology has improved the welding speed to 25~35 mm/s, enhancing the welding efficiency of sealing pin while preventing the welding air holes, ensuring welding quality with lower cost.
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    Cylindrical battery welding
    • The continuous welding process of the collector plate is innovatively proposed to realize the stable connection between the collector plate and the cap, the cap and the cylindrical battery.
    • The welding efficiency is 60 PPM, which solves the problems of low production efficiency and poor yield of 4680 cylindrical battery.
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    Steel button battery welding
    • Through beam swing and energy follow-up, high-speed sealing welding of stainless steel cylindrical shells with a wall thickness of 100 um can control the penetration depth to about 50 um, and the welding time of a single battery is 0.5 seconds.
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    Plastic welding
    • The advanced welding technology realizes the welding of Mylar film with the cage or plastic without causing molten pool overflow during the welding process.
    • The technology introduces an innovative laser welding method, which replaces the traditional fusion process and realizes contact welding with  higher efficiency.
    • The technology has secured stable welding process, it has solved the industrial pain points of the overflow during Mylar welding for the first time and has made the mass production of laser welding process possible.
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    Mass welding
    • Laser mass welding can improve welding effic
    • The laser heating speed is fast and the stability is high
    • Non-contact processing avoids static effects and stresses associated with conventional welding
    • Easy and quick adjustment, wide range of applications, can be applied to different materials, sizes, melting point welding


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