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The implementation of digitalization, AI technology and the IoT in practical applications requires efficient electronic components. In order to meet the rapid generation and application requirements of consumer electronic products, higher requirements are put forward for the flexibility and rapid scalability of automated assembly production lines. As a comprehensive solution provider of laser and automation, Hymson has been deployed throughout the consumer electronics industry and has solved a variety of problems for the industry.

  • 3C Battery
  • Power/Transformer
  • VCM
  • Electronic Atomization
  • Precision Structural Parts
  • Brittle Material
  • Dispensing
  • New Display
  • 3C Battery Industry Intelligent Solution

    Hymson has studied the laser technology involved in the whole process of battery manufacturing for many years, and then developed the automatic manufacturing and packaging equipment of steel shell button battery  for TWS, Full-automatic packaging equipment for steel shell square battery; providing professional, efficient and low-cost intelligent solutions for the battery industry.

    • xiaofeidianzi3Cdianchi.png
    • Full closed-loop production control of MES system
      Optional digitalization, real-time observation of various indicators of the whole line.
    • High compatibility
      Compatible with various diameters, thicknesses, lug welding processes and sealing methods
    • Leading technology
      The industry's most advanced maglev conveying positioning technology is adopted, to achieve fast and accurate positioning (400mm station spacing, 0.8 seconds to complete, positioning accuracy can reach Levelμ ).
  • Power/Transformer Solution

    Hymson has independently developed the automatic assembly line of power supply and transformer, and has realized the integration of laser and automatic technology, including surface treatment, automatic precision assembly line, automatic test and analysis and other functions, which has greatly improved production efficiency, saved labor costs, improved product yield, and provided one-stop solutions for the intelligent development of the industry.

    • xiaofeidianzidianyuanbianyaqi.png
    • xiaofeidianzidianyuanbianyaqi2.png
      Mobile phone
    • bb1.png
    • Multi-function
      It includes Core Loading, Dispensing, Core Assembly and Inductance Testing, Curing, Fixture Unblocking, Testing, Ink-jetting and Unloading
    • Automation experience
      More than 50 full-line automated production lines for 3C well-known enterprises are being used for mass production
    • Low cost
      Highly standardized design, low-cost retrofit, and rapid mass production of similar products
  • VCM Solution

    Aimed at the VCM industry, Hymson has launched a series of intelligent equipment, including open loop, closed loop motor, OIS motor, variable aperture motor and other solutions, to achieve the advantages of standardization, modularization, flexibility, automation, including laser welding, cutting, dispensing, high-precision assembly and other intelligent equipment.

    • xiaofeidianziyinquanmada.png
    • Accurate positioning
      1600w dual vision capture and positioning+Hymson professional positioning software
    • Compatibility
      It can be used for magnet assembly of VCM motor, SMA motor and other products
    • High precision
      The minimum line width is 0.2mm, and the consistency of glue amount can reach 99%
  • Electronic Atomization Solution

    Hymson worked on laser and automation for many years, provides a low cost electronic atomization line, high efficiency of a complete set of solutions, such as: laser marking, laser welding, atomizer whole automatic assembly line;

    • dianziyan.png
      Electronic cigarettes
    • High capacity
      UPH 2200, higher than other similar equipment UPH1200 industry
    • Compatibility
      Applicable to products, replace the fixture to reach compatibility
    • Independent research and development core light source
      Using semiconductor laser with high efficiency, stable power, low power consumption
  • PCB / SMT Industry Intelligent Automation Solutions

    PCB is the carrier of electronic components, hymson using professional laser and combination of automation, customized for PCB drilling hole(mechanical), system trace ((copper clad plate&finished goods marking), covering film laser cutting, laser forming and other series of  solutions.

    • xiaofeidianziPCBSMT.png
      The electronic circuit
    • High precise visual position
      High accuracy CCD visual positioning, automatic offset compensation, laser marking and CCD code reading
    • High speed roll to roll system
      It can realize roll to roll, and roll to sheet change free
    • High efficiency
      Dual-head synchronization system, power monitoring system, with high production efficiency and stability, and high cutting precision.
  • Precision Structural Parts Intelligent Solution

    Hymson's laser and automation technology, which provide surface treatment, cutting, welding, precision assembly for the whole solutions

    • xiaofeidianzidianyuanbianyaqi2-644.png
      Mobile phone
    • xiaofeidianzidianyuanbianyaqi.png
    • bb1-706.png
    • Compatibility
      Compatible with the different size and thickness of products
    • A high performance
      Visual positioning precision, large capture range.
    • High precision
      Graphic precision and alignment accuracy≤±10μm
  • Brittle Material Solution

    Hymson constantly upgrades to provide customers with high precision laser and automation solutions at low cost, high yield, and improved raw material utilization. This includes machines for thick glass cutting & crack detection, glass marking, and PVD ink removal.

    • xiaofeidianziyinquanmada.png
      Mobile phone
    • bb1-228.png
    • dd-203.png
      Vehicle display
    • xiaofeidianzicuixingcailiao2.png
      AR glasses
    • xiaofeidianzicuixingcailiao3.png
      Smart watches
    • Wide cutting depth
      The maxium cutting thickness of glass cutting machine can be up to 15 mm.
    • Industry optimization
      PVD remove technology is mature, quality under control, high efficient.
    • Compatibility
      Hymson's research and development laser indepedently, and the software provide more differential selection to the process.
  • Dispensing Solution

    Hymson provides a variety of high-end equipment to customers, standardization of equipment has been formed after several technical iteration, have very strong stability and cost advantage.

    • xiaofeidianziyinquanmada-346.png
      Mobile phone
    • bb1-993.png
    • dd-13.png
      Vehicle display
    • TWSerji.png
    • 111.jpg
      Smart watches
    • Low cost
      It can realize multi-usage
    • Wide range of dispensing
      800mm * 900mm X Y axes, dispensing for large size products
    • Standardized
      Experience for hundreds of automation line, equipment has formed a standardized module.
  • New Display Solutions

    Hymson empowers the technological evolution of digital products such as mobile phones, computers, and smart wearables, providing innovative solutions for precision laser applications.

    • cc.png
      AR glasses
    • xiaofeidianzixinxingxianshi2.png
      Mobile phone
    • High-performance laser
      Independent research and development of advanced laser, good beam quality
    • High precision
      High-precision micrometer movement platform integration, realize the level of processing of micro/nano scale
    • Intelligent control system
      Fully automatic intelligent setting program is simple, high accuracy, stable efficiency
    • Autonomous optical design
      Independent research and development of optical design ability, can demand corresponding to different application scenarios, forming the core competitiveness

Main Products

Relying on many years precipitation, with consumer electronics in every process fully automatic intelligent manufacturing the whole line solution, rapid response to customer requirements

  • 3C Battery
  • Power/Transformer
  • VCM
  • Electronic Atomization
  • Precision Structural Parts
  • Brittle Material
  • Dispensing
  • New Display


Hymson aims to achieve efficient and stable development with partners, optimizing productivity and energy utilization ability.

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