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Intelligence manufacturing for smart home

With the increase of intelligent terminal equipment and the rapid popularization of Internet of things technology, the home furnishing industry presents the trend of intelligent ecology of everything. People rely on the house to build an efficient management system that perfectly combines building facilities and family schedule affairs.

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Processing Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Home Display
  • Household Energy Storage and Small Power Battery Solutions
  • Intelligent Household Chain Products
  • Intelligent Solutions for Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Processing Industry

    Laser cutting solutions can achieve product diversification and multi-function while ensuring the processing accuracy of metal kitchen and bathroom equipment.

    • zhinengjiajuchuweishebeijiagongzhuangbei.png
      Kitchen and bathroom hardware
    • High Efficiency
      Fast processing speed, low-cost, high-speed, high-precision cutting for carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other medium and thin plates.
    • Stable Machine Lathe
      Upgraded high-strength hollow machine lathe with mortise and tenon joint structure and through-the-middle beam, effectively solve the problems of lathe deformation and processing instability.
    • Automatic Production Line
      Can be equipped with automatic warehousing, full-automatic loading/unloading system, etc. for extension of automatic production line.
  • Smart Solutions for Fitness Equipment Industry

    Advanced laser cutting solution replace manual cutting, manual drilling, and manual slotting in traditional fitness equipment processing , which greatly improves production efficiency.

    • zhinengjiajujianshenqicai.png
      Fitness Equipment
    • Professional Pipe Cutting
      High precision cutting of each component of fitness equipment, fast acceleration and high efficiency
    • Wide Processing Range and Tube Specification
      Can efficiently processing round pipe Φ10mm-Φ500mm, square pipe and rectangular pipe □10mm-450mm, etc.
    • High Degree of Automation
      Can be equipped with optional semi-automatic and fully automatic loading mechanism,realize automatic production line and reduce labor costs.
  • Smart Solutions for Home Displays

    Home display in contrast, precision, stability, service life and even customized functions continue to improve, Hymson company with Micro/Mini LED display laser full-process application related equipment to promote the innovation and development of the home display industry.

    • zhinengjiajujiayongxianshi.png
      LED display
    • High-performance lasers
      Self-developed advanced laser, good beam quality
    • Ultra-high machining accuracy
      High-precision micron-level motion platform integration to achieve micro-nano processing level
    • Intelligent control system
      Fully automatic intelligent program is simple to set, stable with accuracy and high efficiency
    • Autonomous optical design
      The self-developed optical design capabilities can meet the needs of different application scenarios and form core competitiveness
  • Household Energy Storage and Small Power Battery Solutions

    Hymson professional making all processes involved in laser technology research for many years, research and development of energy storage industry equipment and production lines, provides a laser energy storage industry automation smart solutions.

    • ziyuan13.jpg
      Household energy storage
    • The whole line of research and development independently
      The whole line automation, laser and electrical measuring equipment are  developed independently, and have the ability to integrate the whole line automation, laser processing technology and electrical measuring, and can develop the equipment and production line according to customer needs
    • Standardization and flexibility
      The overall modular design, short changeover time, is suitable for the production of different products through simple and rapid replacement of product vehicles and replacement of working procedures
    • MES system full closed-loop production control
      Optional entire line digital, real-time observation line indicators
  • Intelligent Household Chain Solutions

    With its advantages in laser light sources, optical components and process control software, Hymson provides intelligent solutions with high standards, high precision and low cost for the smart home industry

    • zhinengjiajushengtailianquanxianchanpin1.png
    • zhinengjiajushengtailianquanxianchanpin2.png
      Intelligent lock
    • zhinengjiajushengtailianquanxianchanpin3.png
      Intelligent switch
    • zhinengjiajushengtailianquanxianchanpin4.png
    • 11+
      11 years experience in automation application
    • Leading technology
      Independent research and development of core parts
    • High capacity
      Integrated laser and automation in solution, greatly improve the capacity

Main Products

Smart home intelligent make
Laser + Automation create comfortable and convenient smart home experience

  • Kitchen and Bathroom Equipment Processing Equipment
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Home Display
  • Household Energy Storage and Small Power Battery Solutions
  • Intelligent Household Chain Products


Hymson is dedicated to optimizing production efficiency and energy utilization with high efficiency and stablization manufacturing equipment for partners.

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