Laser—— Laser Surface treating

Laser-Laser Surface Treating


Principle of surface treatment

Laser surface treatment uses laser beam thermal energy fast to heat workpiece in partially to drive it hot or cold sharply, it can be deal with in astmosphere or vacuum enviroment and sovoled various surface treatment process via change laser parameters.


Technical Advantages

  • Steel Shell Marking
  • Aluminum shell black code marking
  • Steel shell/aluminum shell explosion-proof valve etching
  • Precision removal of surface coatings
  • PCB Marking
  • Waterproof Membrane Removal
  • Electrode surface ablation
  • Micro-texture of the aluminum shell of batteries
  • Ablation of blue adhesive and protective film
  • Trimming
  • Multiple chip removal techniques
  • Topcon Laser doping thechnology
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    Steel Shell Marking
    • Can mark 3*3mm two-dimensional code or 1mm high 15-digit clear code steel shell within 1s,  size of two-dimensional code mark can be 1*1mm.
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    Aluminum shell black code marking
    • With nanosecond lasers to mark black codes on a white background, which solves the problems of invalidation and low grade of two-dimensional codes.
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    Steel shell/aluminum shell explosion-proof valve etching
    • The depth of the processing groove is X±10μm, and the blasting value is Y±0.2Mpa, which replaces the traditional stamping and improves the safety performance of the battery.
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    Precision removal of surface coatings
    • Finely remove surface coating less than 1um with no damage to the product, and developed deplating technology.
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    PCB Marking
    • Green light laser marking technology, marking and visual positioning are synchronized, 1x1mm (DM) covers 20 bits of content, resolution 3mil, replacing traditional inkjet coding and paper label technology.
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    Waterproof Membrane Removal
    • Using laser to remove parylene, the removal rate exceeds 95%, the laser removal quality is not lower than Sa2.5 level, the removal thickness is better than 3μm, and the removal efficiency is greater than 2㎡/h.
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    Electrode surface ablation
    • Partial ablation of coated electrode can increase coated area and improve battery capacity. Such ablating method can efficiently avoid the lithium plating during the formation process, and enhance the safety and performance of the battery.
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    Micro-texture of the aluminum shell of batteries
    • The innovative ablation solution replaces the traditional method and satisfies the roughening of any special-shaped surface.
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    Ablation of blue adhesive and protective film
    • As an industry-leading technology, it solves the problem of excessive ablation of the film edge and makes up for our company's gap in laser ablation technology.
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    • A high-precision intelligent machining system that realizes Mini/Micro LED repair and leveling process.
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    Multiple chip removal techniques
    • Provide a precise, flexible and intelligent solution for Mini LED chipless process.
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    Topcon Laser doping thechnology
    • The revolution and international advanced technology in PV that improve solar cell performance significantly, decrease energy comsuption and pollution  by break conventional process.


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    EV power


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  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



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