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Manufacturing Solutions

Our goal is to continuously optimize the manufacturing equipment and develop new types of equipment for new materials and battery technologies, to provide our clients with the ability to manufacture high-performance batteries.



Upgrade Cell Manufacturing

As electric vehicle becomes a global trend, battery enterprises are facing dual challenges in international competition, which primarily stem from high-quality manufacturing under mass production and new process development based on new materials and battery technologies. We create long-term value for battery production and accelerate its manufacture with our high-quality, automated and intelligent equipment, improving performance, conformity, safety, and recurrent durability.

  • Coating & Calendering & Slitting Manufacturing
  • High-Speed Laser Notching Intelligent Manufacturing
  • High Speed Laser Ablation
  • High Speed Winding
  • Intelligent Solutions for Assembly Line
  • Solutions for the Top-Cover Assembly of the Battery
  • Auto Battery Baking Solutions
  • EV Battery Module/Pack
  • Coating & Calendering & Slitting Manufacturing Solutions

    Pre-stage LIB manufacturing involves coating, calendering, and slitting processes that are crucial for the battery's energy density and safety. The integrated equipment incorporates multiple innovative technologies to efficiently address shaking, crinkling, and other industrial challenges, providing our clients with highly efficient, reliable pre-stage equipment that is convenient to maintain.

    • High efficiency
      Provide clients with high-quality, reliable and easy-to-maintain products as well as customized products with a high level of stability.
    • High yield, high reliability
      Multiple innovative technologies are being applied, including a single deck suspension drying oven, a coating machine based on an arc-shaped layout and gas-wing nozzles, to eliminate the shaking and crinkling of the foil and solve other industrial pain points.
  • High-Speed Laser Notching Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

    Hymson has exceeded laser-notching technology limits by optimizing the charging and discharging of batteries, solving post-cutting burrs and coating detachment issues, and contributing to the improvement of battery performance and production efficiency.

    • Mature cutting process
      Solve burrs, foil exposure, coating detachment, dedusting and other issues during electrode cutting
    • Support tab notching of various shapes and width
      Integrate tab notching, V-angle cutting and cross cutting; compatible with electrode of various width (150-1200mm)
    • Prime cutting quality
      Featured by stable process, excellent cutting conformity and high production efficiency
    • Integrated design to lower the cost
      Highly integrated in process design to reduce processing costs
  • High Speed Laser Ablation Solution

    Hymson has developed high speed laser ablation technologies to effectively resolve the defects of traditional cleaning machines, which include model change problems, low accuracy, contaminated materials, unsatisfactory cleaning performance, high maintenance costs, etc. It has been widely applied to the cleaning of electrode tabs, and it has greatly improved the full-line intelligent battery manufacturing process as a result of its high efficiency, environmental friendliness, excellent cleaning effects, and minimum damage to copper foil.

    • qx1.jpg
      Ablation of negative electrode coated area
    • qx2.jpg
      Ablation of positive electrode coated area
    • Prime cleaning quality
      Optimization of key process parameters, including the power, frequency, and pulse-width of laser ablation, to improve the ablation effect. Residues<0.1 mm; pinholes<0.25 mm.
    • High ablation accuracy
      Exclusive laser software allows highly accurate control of the ablation slot, ensuring a ablation difference between 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm with consistent cleaning result.
    • Customized ablation for multi-tabs
      Compatible width: 35-710 mm; Various pattern, customized cleaning for multi-tabs
  • High Speed Winding Solution

    Adapt to winding process for prismatic and cylindrical battery. Integrated design of tab notching and cell winding reduces multiple costs for clients

    • fangxinglvkejuanraodianxin-381.png
      Prismatic Winding Cell
    • Dynamic Synchronizing between winding and notching units
      Optimal algorithm is adopted to realize the dynamic synchronizing between winding and notching and to ensure a stable mass production
    • Highly accurate control of chase-cutting and slitting
      Patented design of cutter structure with precise algorithm of chase-cutting keeps the cutting difference between ±0.3 mm
    • Constant linear velocity control
      Constant linear speed for winding process with adjustable winding needle for various diameters, ensuring minimum fluctuation and realizing automatic alignment of tabs
  • Intelligent Solutions for Assembly Line

    Hymson will gradually realize the advanced manufacturing transition from 12 PPM to 20 PPM, to 22 PPM and to even higher capacity.

    • daopian.png
      Prismatic Battery
    • dianchi-809.png
      Blade Battery
    • Highly accurate laser control technology
      Response time<5 us; Motion accuracy<5 μm; Frequency>10M Hz
    • Highly accurate fixture design
      Realize high speed and highly accurate assembly during the changing and positioning of the fixture
    • Robot visual technology
      High speed inspection CT≤10 ms; Accuracy≤0.02 mm; Yield≥99.5%
    • Digital twin 3D visualization technology
      Improve the user experience by the visualization of equipment status and the intelligent interaction of information.
  • Solutions for the Top-Cover Assembly of the Battery

    Improve the top-cover stability and yield of the EV battery and energy storage battery.

    • dinggai.png
      Prismatic Battery Top Cover
    • Excellent welding performance
      Reduce sparks; Excellent welding effect; High stability
      WDD real time monitoring of energy fluctuation during welding
    • High UPH
    • High compatibility
      Width: 20~85 mm; Length: 170~300 mm
    • Easy for Maintenance
      Small floor space allows shorter time for mode changing
  • Auto Battery Baking Solutions

    The equipment is used for the baking process of batteries (pouch, prismatic & cylindrical), which enables automatic production of battery loading, baking, cooling and unloading. With its flexible design, the entire solution can be easily changed, and with its integrated intelligent control system, the system performs real-time monitoring of the operation status of each module, ensuring the stability and safety of operations. In addition, a range of safety measures are implemented to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment.

    • lvke.png
      Prismatic Battery
    • High Automation
      Robots carrying & loading to improve efficiency
    • High Efficiency
      The application of robot grippers, automatic scheduling systems, logistics simulations, and other key technologies improves the efficiency of the entire production line. Using contact heat can ensure close distance between the battery and the heating plate, thus reduce heat loss and improve baking efficiency. The original internal circulation air cooling provides fast and efficient cooling.
    • High Flexibility
      Modular design of the equipment allows it to be rearranged according to the plant layout on-site. In addition, each module can operate independently without interfering with the others so as to increase the production capacity.
  • EV Battery Module/Pack Solutions

    With the core technologies of units modularization, robot control, welding control and quality inspection, visual inspection, intelligent dynamic compensation, multi-axis motion control and AGV scheduling, Hymson has created a intelligent manufacturing solution for EV battery module/PACK, which has overcome the problems of imperfect industrial production automation, poor detection capability, weak battery consistency and stability, and significantly improved the production efficiency and product quality of battery modules/pack (PACK).

    • dianchi.png
      EV Battery Module Pack
    • High Automation
      Application of new technologies such as robotics, lasers, visual recognition, automatic tightening, and leakage testing can improve the efficiency and productivity of production lines.
    • High Efficiency
      Using virtual commissioning to improve production efficiency, reduce on-site commissioning costs, and shorten on-site commissioning cycles. AI welding system is used to visualize, monitor, and control quality in the design, processing, inspection, and motion phases.
    • High Flexibility
      Modular and flexible design can meet the compatibility and production rate of production line
    • Highly Accurate Simulation Technology
      Create a large arithmetic center, using 3D simulation technology to simulate assembly processes, ergonomics, and robot operations; using simulation technology to test equipment, speed up equipment application, shorten R&D cycles, and achieve rapid and stable output over time.

Main Products

A solution based on advance technologies and mature application experiences, which covers the complete stages of lithium battery manufacturing.

  • Coating & Calendering & Slitting Manufacturing
  • High-Speed Laser Notching Intelligent Manufacturing
  • High Speed Laser Ablation
  • High Speed Winding
  • Intelligent Solutions for Assembly Line
  • Solutions for the Top-Cover Assembly of the Battery
  • Auto Battery Baking Solutions
  • EV Battery Module/Pack


Hymson contributes to the highly efficient and stable development of its partners and to optimizing the material transformation efficiency and energy use.

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