Intelligent, low-cost, safe and reliable transportation manufacturing solutions.




Modern transportation tends to be convenient and smooth, economical and efficient, green and intensive, intelligent and advanced, safe and reliable, and so on. Hymson, as a laser and automation equipment integrated solution provider, provides a series of intelligent, low-cost, safe and reliable manufacturing solutions in the field of transportation.

  • Body Sheet Metal Processing
  • Automobile Electronic Module
  • Automotive Display Module Solution
  • Intelligent Solutions for The Body Sheet Metal Processing Industry

    Hymson's 3D laser cutting solution is used for efficient and precise cutting of various heterogeneous sheet metal parts of the car body to achieve flexible production.

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      Body Sheet Metal Processing
    • Secondary Calibration
      The second calibration of the robot improves the positioning accuracy and the cutting efficiency.
    • Motion Interpolation Algorithm
      Motion interpolation algorithm, improve the precision of small circle cutting and the cutting quality.
    • Multi-axis Linkage
      Through the development of multi-axis linkage function of the robot arm, it can realize high efficient cutting of complex workpieces and easily meet diverse needs.
  • Automobile Electronic Module Scheme

    The automotive electronics industry is upgrading and iterating towards higher standards and lower costs. The technology application accumulation of Hymson for many years has provided many intelligent and high-standard production solutions for manufacturing automotive electronics.

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    • High precision
      Adopts high-precision visual positioning system
    • High quality
      Different types of lasers can be equipped
    • High efficiency
      Full-line automatic production realizable
  • Automotive Display Module Solution

    Hymson's innovative process is widely used in automotive chips, instrument displays, central control screens, power semiconductors, automotive electronics and other products, providing laser and automation integrated solutions for the innovation of the automotive screen industry.

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    • High-performance lasers
      Self-developed advanced laser, good beam quality
    • Ultra-high machining accuracy
      High-precision micron-level motion platform integration to achieve micro-nano processing level
    • Intelligent control system
      Fully automatic intelligent program is simple to set, stable with accuracy and high efficiency
    • Autonomous optical design
      The self-developed optical design capabilities can meet the needs of different application scenarios and form core competitiveness

Main Products

Develop new production for transportation.
Set up lighter, smarter and safer transportation production.

  • Body Sheet Metal Processing
  • Automobile Electronic Module
  • Automotive Display Module Solution


Hymson dedicated to optimize production efficiency and energy utilization with high efficiency and stablization manufacturing equipment for partner

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