Full-Auto Prismatic Cell Baking Line

Product Description

Full-Auto Prismatic Cell Baking Line

The equipment is used for the conveying and baking of EV battery featuring automatic control of process procedure, data-searching and exporting, real-time display of key parameters, malfunction alarming and cause tracking as well as safety guarantee. Major functions: cell scanning, loading, buffering, cell baking, water content testing, cell cooling, temperature detecting and unloading.

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    Prismatic Battery
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    Baking Oven
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    Baking Oven

Product Advantages

  • Highly automatic, complete the assembly processes without human intervention
  • High compatibility, adapt to various series of products
  • Modular design, short changeover time, few parts, low costs
  • High assembly precision, dual positioning by visual and mechanical ways to improve positioning accuracy
  • Realize automatic control of the process, traceable information for the entire process, and compatibility with all types of MES systems.
  • Customized non-standard automatic assembly line based on customer’ s process procedures
  • Basic Information
    • Dimension (L*W*H):21000 * 7000* 2850 (mm)
    • Weight:45000Kg
    • Gas:0 .5-0 .7MPa
    • Electricity:380VAC , 50Hz
    • Power:680KW
  • Product Performance
    • Performance:≥20PPM
    • Yield:>99 .5%
    • Failure rate:≤1 .0%
    • L (mm):120-350
    • T (mm):25-85
    • H (mm):90-250

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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