Standard Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Product Description

Standard Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Hymson X5 series is the entry level standard laser tube cutting machine for high precision and high speed cutting of all kinds of metal tubes.

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  • 221-350.png
  • 222.jpg
    Square Tube
  • 223.jpg
    Sample Circular Tube
  • 224.jpg
    Circular Tube
  • 225.jpg
    Square Tube

Product Advantages

  • Professional tube cutting, high precision, high speed cutting and fast acceleration.
  • Wide range of processed pipe diameters and types: Circular Tubes:Φ10mm~Φ220mm Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes:□10mm~□150mm
  • Automatic pneumatic fully enclosed chuck with clamping force up to 300kg, industry leading.
  • High-speed, high-precision modules to improved performance and processing accuracy.
  • Slanting pendulum reducer support to effectively prevent flinging during pipe cutting.
  • Short length of cutting residue, offside cutting function to maximize tube utilization.
  • Master6000T bus control system with rich functions.
  • Optional unloading device, automatic loading device, nesting software to improve production efficiency.
  • Basic Information
    • Tube Specification:Circular Tubes:Φ10mm~Φ220mm、Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes:□10mm~□150mm
    • Length of Cutting Residue:210mm/100mm
    • Maximum Weight of a Single Tube:300kg
    • Maximum Length of a Single Tube6200mm
    • Floor Space of the Whole Machine:10000mmx2500mm
  • Product Performance
    • Positioning Speed:60m/min
    • Acceleration:1g
    • Positioning Accuracy:0.03mm
    • Infinite Rotation:90rpm/min
    • Angular Acceleration:80rad/s²
  • Model classification
    • Standard laser tube cutting machine

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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