Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Product Description

Automatic Laser Tube Cutting Machine

Brand new X7 series laser tube cutting machine is a fully automatic, high standard, high performance laser tube cutting machine, suitable for high intensity continuous production of tube processing.

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    Circular Tube Assembling
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    Circular Tube Assembling
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    Aluminum Profile
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    Square Tube Assembling

Product Advantages

  • Automatic high standard laser tube cutting machine, which is specific and common use in industry and suitable for intensity continuous production tube processing
  • High degree of automation, standard with Hymen patented fully automatic loading system. High success rate of loading and dividing feeding, the advantage of tube changing beat is obvious, strong stability, industry leading.
  • Extensible automatic tube laser cutting production line,highly continuous, stable, accurate and fast production,greatly improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Wide range of tube diameter can be processed , wide range of stroke, suitable for high-speed and high-precision cutting of multiple types of pipes.
  • Standard with follow-up unloading, more accurate and efficient, standard configuration containing nesting software for more intelligent and efficient production and machining.
  • Rich detection functions: weld detection, clamping detection, etc., making production and processing more intelligent.
  • Support tube bevel cutting, achieve seamless welding of tubes.
  • FSCUT5000 professional bus control laser tube cutting system, powerful and rich, stable and efficient.
  • Optional MES system to achieve efficient, intelligent, fast and convenient production and manufacturing management.
  • Basic Information
    • Tube Specification:Circular Tubes:Φ10mm~Φ120mm、Square Tubes and Rectangular Tubes:□10mm~□80mm
    • Length of Cutting Residue:≥200mm/60mm
    • Maximum Weight of a Single Tube:150kg
    • Floor Space of the Whole Machine:12000mmx3000mm
    • Positioning Accuracy:0.03mm
  • Product Performance
    • Positioning Accuracy:0.03mm
    • Positioning Speed:60m/min
    • Acceleration:1.5g
    • Infinite Rotation:150rpm/min
    • Angular Acceleration:120rad/s²
  • Model classification
    • Automatic laser tube cutting machine

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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