Masking Line

Product Description

Masking Line

Before the PCB coating is waterproof, cover the components that need to be protected with glue, adhesive paper, caps, etc. It mainly includes automatic loading and unloading, dispensing machine, film pasting machine, capping machine, AOI detection, etc.

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Product Advantages

  • The machine adopts the simplex station single rack mode, and the number of freely assembled machine matches the UPH.
  • The whole line adopts standardized visual positioning, automatic adjustment of machine track, rapid mutual copying of programs, and can be compatible with 1mm~500mm products to quickly complete line change.
  • Visual dispensing glue, high-speed film pasting, product flap, AOI detection and other processes have been standardized through many technical iterations, and themachine has strong industry advantages in stability and cost.
  • Basic Information
    • Line dimension:L9290mm x W1470mm x H1660mm
  • Product Performance
    • UPH:800
    • Yield:99.5%
    • Efficiency:95%

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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