High-speed Dispensing Glue Machine

Product Description

High-speed Dispensing Glue Machine

This machine can realize the precise dispensing links such as PCB waterproof masking, SMT red glue, bottom filling, dam, FPC packaging, VCM module dispensing, fingerprint identification module packaging, mobile phone frame hot melt glue, IC edge packaging, etc.

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Product Advantages

  • Unique appearance design, hidden in the middle of the display, lifting structure, non-interference in the whole line operation
  • You can freely select and match components such as product pre-heating, inclined valve, function expansion backpack, etc. to realize the cost saving of multiple use of one machine;
  • Support multiple dispensing modes such as synchronous dual-valve, asynchronous dual-valve and AB valve dispensing;
  • Intelligent dispensing software supports different dispensing process requirements such as striker valve,jetting valve and auger valve;
  • With basic AOI detection function, it also supports 2D and 3D visual glue path detection expansion.
  • Basic Information
    • Dimension:L750mm x D1470mm x H1650mm
    • Dispensing glue area:single valve X400 / Y470/ Z50(mm)
  • Product Performance
    • Working height:900±20mm
    • Dispensing valve type:jetting valve& augervalve&striker valve
    • Valve nozzle cleaning method:dust-free cloth belt cleaning&vacuum cleaning
  • Model classification
    • HZ-GH500 series

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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