Five-axis Glue Dispenser

Product Description

Five-axis Glue Dispenser

This machine can realize five-axis linkage and is applicable to mobile phone frame dispensing, mobile phone screen dispensing, camera module, VR/AR glasses, TWS headphones, etc.

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    Final Product
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    Final Product Application Diagram
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    Final Product Application Diagram
  • 18.jpg
    Intermediate Production Process

Product Advantages

  • Support duplex five-axis dispensing glue
  • Support 3D visual guidance and 3D visual detection;
  • Frequency conversion control can accurately control the amount of glue at the corner;
  • The use of 2D flying bat visual positioning can reduce the visual positioning time;
  • The pipeline transmission mode supports left in right out and right in left out.
  • Basic Information
    • Dimension:L1150mm x D1300mm x H1700mm
    • XYZ axis dispensing glue range:X200 / Y200/ Z200(mm)
    • A/C axis dispensing glue range:A200°/C 360°
  • Product Performance
    • Loading and unloading mode:pipeline transmission mode
    • Line amplitude modulation:50-200mm

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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