Automatic Loading and Unloading System for Sheet Cutting

Product Description

Automatic Loading and Unloading System for Sheet Cutting

Fully automatic high volume laser cutting flexible production solutions

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    Stainless Steel Combination
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    Stainless Steel Combination

Product Advantages

  • Flexible Manufacturing System is an effective solution to reduce production cost and improve production efficiency. Using this intelligent automation system will gain a better advantage in the market competition.
  • Automatic loading and unloading will reduce 35% material loading and unloading time compared to a single operator, and the automatic system can be continuous used in a long time, with a variety of materials and thicknesses that can be discharged and finished according to production requirements automatically.
  • The automatic system completes each production process in an orderly manner according to the settings, effectively maintaining consistency. On the other hand, in the case of manual operation, the time between each work cycle varies according to the human status.
  • A factory that relies on manual labor to load and unload materials would require additional machines in order to increase production, as well as additional operators, whereas a factory with an automatic system would only require additional machines, no additional labor.
  • The production site situation is more complex, manual loading and unloading may easy to cause accidents since they maybe bumped, or fatigue overlooked safety. Instead, the automatic system is completely by program and requires no human intervention.
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    • Flexible Manufacturing System

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