High-Speed Coating Machine (Double-Deck & Multi-Lane )

Product Description

High-Speed Coating Machine (Double-Deck & Multi-Lane )

The equipment is for the coating process during lithium battery manufacturing, which coats the copper foil or aluminum foil with sufficiently mixed slurry in a way that ensures qualified size, surface density and appearance. The coated electrode will be wound into a roll after being dried.

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    Coating Machine
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    Coating Machine

Product Advantages

  • Auto unwinding and rewinding (turret)
  • Repeated positioning accuracy of module head: 1µm.
  • Double- deck drying oven in an arc-shaped layout enables a smooth electrode running
  • High flexibility enabled by driven guide rollers with thin oil
  • Highly accurate tension control, ±3N during operation
  • Integrated drying oven with high speed and efficiency, controlled independently by a guiding roller
  • Coating roller driven by DD motor with 0.002 mm roller run-out
  • Basic Information
    • Max.width:≤1600mm
    • Roll diameter:≤Φ1200mm
    • Length of drying oven:60-80m
    • Wind speed:5% uniformity in horizontal; vertical uniformity: ≤10%
    • Coating modes:continuous coating/intermittent coating
  • Product Performance
    • Max. speed:≤100m/min
    • Equipment malfunction rate:≤2%
    • Tension fluctuation:≤±3N (acceleration or reduction of speed is not included.)
    • Surface density:when the surface density ≥ surface density <100 g/m2, the accuracy is ±1.5 g/m2; when the surface density ≥100 g/m2, the accuracy is ±1.5% ;

Sourcing Requirements

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