High-Speed Prismatic Cell Winding Machine

Product Description

High-Speed Prismatic Cell Winding Machine

The equipment is used for the tab notching and winding process of LIB battery cell manufacturing.

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    Prismatic Winding Cell
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Product Advantages

  • Automatic correction of tab alignment enabled by winding needle with variable diameters
  • Four grades of electrode position correction, forming closed loop control with CCD
  • High performance moving controller and advanced technology from Omron
  • Track notching and cross-cutting for incoming electrode
  • Multiple dust removal system with high efficiency
  • Tension control by high-response voice coil actuators (VCA), forming a closed loop with highly accurate inspection sensor
  • Basic Information
    • Efficiency:≥7PPM(L≤9 m/JR)
    • Compatible cell width:100-320mm
    • Compatible cell height:70-250mm
    • Electrode winding roll diameter:≤Փ750mm
    • Separator winding diameter:≤Փ400mm
  • Product Performance
    • Tension fluctuation:≤ ±5%
    • Alignment:≤±0.3mm
    • Tab mismatch:≤±3mm
    • HAZ (Al):<100um
    • HAZ (Cu):<150um
    • Burr:<15um
    • Dimension accuracy:±0.2mm

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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