Automation Nondestructive Laser Scribing Equipment

Product Description

Automation Nondestructive Laser Scribing Equipment

The core principle of nondestructive cutting is thermal laser separation, uses local laser irradiation to produce uneven thermal effect, which generates an uneven temperature field in the heated area. The temperature gradient generated on the surface of the material induces thermal stress.

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Product Advantages

  • The machine adopts industrial PC control, modular flexible programming design;
  • Compatible with solar cell from 156mm to 230mm
  • Good stability in processing, small heat-effected zone, less dust,High yield
  • High conversion
  • Relize sliding function from one to two or three (cell)
  • Linear structure,dual cell synchronous scribing
  • Visual detective system in the process of loading, unloading,chamfering
  • High efficiency dural layer drying system
  • Except manual loading and unloading bracket,the whole process are automation without maunal operation.
  • User-friendly interactive interface, simple operation, easy maintenance
  • Basic Information
    • Demension:Length×width×Height 4900mm×3000mm×2000mm(unincluding tricolor light, duster, cooling)
    • Produce space:Length×width×Height 5764mm×4000mm×3500mm
  • Product Performance
    • Cell thickness:150-300μm
    • Cell size:156mm×156mm-230mm×230mm
    • Fragmentation rate:≤0.05%
    • Capacity:≥7200Pcs/h
    • Cutting method:Laser grooving+ scribing
  • Model classification
    • HL-DRWMHT(double track)

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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