Transparent Brittle Material Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Product Description

Transparent Brittle Material Precision Laser Cutting Machine

The cutting equipment developed for transparent brittle materials is composed of picosecond laser cutting, segment module and automatic loading and unloading. The laser beam of picosecond laser is focused on the material and perforated through the laser filament cutting head, and moves with the X/Y high-speed platform at the speed of up to 300mm/s to form the required cutting line. Then CO2 laser/mechanical module is used to crack the cutting line, and the product is broken after the cracking. 5μm, and higher strength, especially suitable for sapphire, reinforced or non-reinforced glass transparent brittle material cutting.

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Product Advantages

  • Marble precision platform, stable bearing, corrosion resistance.
  • The machining platform is driven by linear motor and optical ruler in closed loop, which is easy to maintain and has high precision.
  • Infrared picosecond laser, small processing heat affected area, especially suitable for fine cutting.
  • Imported vacuum generator is adopted. Ensure the stability of product adsorption positioning.
  • Equipped with automatic focusing counterpoint CCD and visual lens, can accurately identify all kinds of Mark points.
  • Cutting speed up to 200mm/s, minimal edge breakage, fast processing efficiency, high product strength.
  • Configuration of automatic loading and unloading structure, reduce manual operation, greatly improve productivity and quality.
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment size:L1865mmxW2275mmxH2000mm (no signal light)
    • Cutting range:Maximum 520mmx520mm
    • Laser power:20/30/50W
  • Product Performance
    • Cutting speed:0-300mm/s adjustable
    • Platform positioning accuracy:≤±2μm
    • Platform repeated positioning accuracy:≤±1.5μm
  • Model classification
    • HP-NC050

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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