Glass Laser Drilling Machine

Product Description

Glass Laser Drilling Machine

The equipment is widely used in all kinds of camera module protection cover, pharmaceutical glass punching, glass punching, glass cutting and other applications. It adopts the zoomable optical path independently developed by Hymstar, equipped with precision machining platform and laser with special pulse width to form a small range of high temperature ablation effect in the brittle materials, and applies the efficient dust removal structure to complete the rapid removal of dust. Can ensure high efficiency, high precision to achieve drilling and cutting requirements, to achieve minimal edge collapse and taper effect. Widely used in glass punching, shape cutting technology applications, compared with the traditional mechanical operation, the system has the advantages of non-contact, no consu

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    Glass Punching

Product Advantages

  • Marble precision platform, stable bearing, corrosion resistance.
  • The machining platform is driven by linear motor and optical ruler in closed loop, which is easy to maintain and has high precision.
  • Special pulse width laser, processing thermal effect is small, especially suitable for fast precision drilling.
  • Adopted vacuum generator is adopted to ensure the stability of adsorption and positioning of products.
  • Equipped with automatic focusing counterpoint CCD and visual lens, can accurately identify all kinds of Mark points.
  • Configuration of automatic loading and unloading structure, reduce manual operation, greatly improve productivity and quality.
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment size:L1550mmxW1600mmxH1800mm (no signal light)
    • Cutting range:520mmx520mm(customizable)
    • Laser power:30/50W
  • Product Performance
    • Scanning speed:0-3000mm/s adjustable
    • Platform positioning accuracy:≤±2μm
    • Platform repeated positioning accuracy:≤±1.5μm
  • Model classification
    • HP-ND030

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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