Photovoltaic Glass Punch

Product Description

Photovoltaic Glass Punch

The equipment is suitable for light rolled glass, float glass round holes, shaped holes and other drilling operations. It can realize wide body/narrow body inlet and outlet material, equipped with conveying structure, and can be embedded in automatic operation of pipeline. Equipped with the control system independently designed by Hymstar, narrow pulse width laser, positioning system, high-speed scanning galvanometer and coating system, automatic loading and unloading and rotating module, it can realize high-speed drilling operation, with more exquisite empty edge effect and higher working efficiency compared with the traditional operation mode.

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    Perforated Glass
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    Glass Plate Drilling

Product Advantages

  • Marble precision platform, stable bearing, corrosion resistance.
  • The machining platform is driven by linear motor and optical ruler in closed loop, which is easy to maintain and has high precision.
  • Infrared picosecond laser, small processing heat affected area, especially suitable for fine cutting.
  • Imported vacuum generator is adopted to ensure the stability of adsorption and positioning of products.
  • Equipped with automatic focusing counterpoint CCD and visual lens, can accurately identify all kinds of Mark points.
  • Cutting speed up to 200mm/s, minimal edge breakage, fast processing efficiency, high product strength.
  • Configuration of automatic loading and unloading structure, reduce manual operation, greatly improve productivity and quality.
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment size:11500mmx3200mmx2500mm (without signal light, computer screen size)
    • Processing size:600x900mm-1400x2500mm
    • Edge breakage size:<400um@IR;<200um@GR
  • Product Performance
    • Machining accuracy:≤±0.2mm(related to the actual situation of incoming glass materials)
    • Processing efficiency:≥5 pieces /min(related to machining morphology and hole location layout)
    • Scanning speed:IR:40mm/s@1mm Thick wood GR:≥10mm/s@1mm Thick wood
  • Model classification
    • HP-NA0903

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
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Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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