Full-Auto Prismatic Cell Assembly Line

Product Description

Full-Auto Prismatic Cell Assembly Line

Based on the highly flexible modular design concept, Hymson integrates the core technologies such as virtual debugging, laser control, digital twin, multi-axis motion control and machine vision, and gradually realizes the advanced intelligent manufacturing transition from 12PPM, 20PPM, 22PPM to 30PPM.

  • 394-568.png
  • 全⾃动电芯热压机
    Full-Auto Cell Hot Press Machine
  • quanzidongbaoMylarji.png
    Full-Auto Mylar Wrapping Machine
  • quanzidongchaoshengbohanjieji.png
    Full-Auto Ultrasonic Welding Machine
  • quanzidongdianxinrukeji.png
    Full-Auto Cell Insertion Machine
  • quanzidongdinggaihanjieji.png
    Full-Auto Top Cap Welding Machine
  • quanzidonghaijianji.png
    Full-Auto Helium Detector
  • quanzidongmifengdinghanjieji.png
    Full-Auto Sealing Pin Welding Machine
  • quanzidongpeiduiji.png
    Full-Auto Cell Pairing Machine
  • quanzidongzhuanjiepianhanjieji.png
    Full-Auto Connector Welding Machine

Product Advantages

  • Highly automatic, complete the assembly processes without human intervention
  • Modular design, short changeover time, few parts, low costs
  • Automatic process control with traceable information for the whole processes, which can dock all types of MES systems
  • Digital twin 3D visualization technology, equipment state visualization, intelligent information interaction, improve user experience.
  • Highly precise fixture design technology can realize "high speed" and "high precision" assembly during fixture replacement and positioning
  • Customized non-standard automatic assembly line based on customer’ s process procedures
  • Basic Information
    • The line is used in the middle assembly of EV battery. Main equipment consist of full-auto cell hot-pressing machine, full-auto pairing machine, full-auto ultrasonic welding machine, full-auto connector welding machine, full-auto Mylar wrapping machine, full-auto cell insertion machine, full-auto top cap welding machine, and full-auto helium detector.
  • Product Performance
    • Highly precise laser control technology
    • Response time:<5us
    • Mismatch accuracy:<5um
    • Frequency:>10M Hz
    • Robot visual technology
    • High-Speed detection CT:≤10ms
    • Accuracy:≤0.02mm
    • Yield:≥99.5%

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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