Solar Inverter Automatic Assembly Line

Product Description

Solar Inverter Automatic Assembly Line

The equipment is used for the automatic assembly line of solar inverter. The equipment consists of 50 modules, including 22 working stations. Adopt standardized module design, adjust at any time, expand station or upgrade, automatic saving of production data, and server networking. The main modules include automatic code reading, laser marking, automatic screw locking, pressure testing, automatic dispensing, CCD visual detection, automatic bar code paste, automatic detection of good and bad products.

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Product Advantages

  • High production efficiency, double shift saving about 40 people.
  • Fast speed and strong stability, improve the product follow-up test link pass rate.
  • Standardized module design, can be adjusted at any time, expansion station or upgrade.
  • Production data is automatically saved and connected to the server.
  • CCD positioning technology is used to solve the accuracy of position accuracy when the product is produced at different stations.
  • RFID technology is adopted to accurately record the production information of products at each station, ensuring the traceability of product information
  • Basic Information
    • Size:L12000mm X W1850mm X H1900mm
    • UPH:400PCH/H
  • Product Performance
    • MTBA:≥120Min
    • MTBF:≥168H
    • Rated voltage:AC220V
    • Rated current:80A
    • Air pressure:0.6MPa~0.8MPA

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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