Mini LED/Micro LED Fully Automatic Laser Repair、 Removal and Trimming Equipment

Product Description

Mini LED/Micro LED Fully Automatic Laser Repair、 Removal and Trimming Equipment

It is used for Mini LED/Micro LED to remove the encapsulant or Micro LED chip at the position of the chip for defects generated after the process, so as to facilitate the subsequent chip removal, solid crystal soldering and other subsequent processes.

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  • 215.jpg
    Before Removing Encapsulant
  • 216.jpg
    After Removing Encapsulant

Product Advantages

  • Used for the removal of rubber material after sealing of Mini LED module and the trimming of welding pads after decrystallization in each process section, which is compatible with products of different thicknesses and sizes
  • Matching micron-level light spot removes the chip encapsulant of micro LED as small as 5μm without damaging adjacent chips and welding pads
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment size: length× width× height: 1324mm× 1574mm× 2137mm (excluding three-color lamp, dust collector, chiller)
    • Maximum stroke:X axis 450mm× Y axis 170mm× Z axis 60mm
    • Maximum processing size: 400mm×300mm
    • Equipment weight: 2.3t
    • Processed products:Mini / Micro LED
  • Product Performance
    • Positioning accuracy:±3μm
    • Repeatability accuracy:±1.5μm
    • Processing speed:40s/pcs
    • Laser type/power:Picosecond laser/15W
    • Utilization rate: 0.98
    • Yield: 99.9%
  • Model classification
    • HR-WPUC14

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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