Laser Welding Repair Equipment

Product Description

Laser Welding Repair Equipment

Used for Mini LED process repair process, the reworked chip is rebonded

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  • 210.jpg
    After Welding (single)
  • 211.jpg
    After Welding (multiple)

Product Advantages

  • Coaxial visual positioning system, high-precision positioning chip position, real-time monitoring of product status and effect in the welding repair process
  • Real-time monitoring of welding temperature, closed-loop temperature control, to ensure welding quality
  • Optional AOI system to instantly confirm welding success rate
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment size:length× width× height: 1400mm× 1700mm× 1900mm (excluding three-color lamp, dust collector, chiller)
    • Maximum stroke: X axis 450mm× Y axis 600mm× Z axis 60mm
    • Maximum processing size:400mm×300mm
    • Equipment weight:1.4t
    • Processed products: Mini / Micro LED
  • Product Performance
    • Positioning accuracy: ±3μm
    • Repeatability accuracy:±1.5μm
    • Processing speed: 10s/pcs
    • Laser type/power: CW infrared laser/45W
    • Utilization rate:0.98
    • Yield: 99.99%
  • Model classification
    • HR-PCRA12

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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