3D Laser cutting machine

Product Description

3D Laser cutting machine

Hymson RC series is a 3D laser cutting machine for cutting and processing heterogeneous pipe fittings.

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    Single Axis
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    Dual Axis
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    Automotive Sheet Metal Parts
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    Sheet Metal Parts of Body

Product Advantages

  • Adopt robot + fiber laser 3D cutting instead of die stamping and mechanical engraving and milling for cutting edge punching of shaped pipe fittings.
  • Effective save moulds, shorten the product development cycle, improve processing efficiency and achive fexible production.
  • Realize ring cutting, save the time of indexing machine rotation or manual secondary clamping, high efficient processing.
  • Can be equipped with dual robot workstations to realize dual-station material change and linked cutting at the same time, the cutting efficiency has greatly improved.
  • Rotary/reciprocating exchange platform structure, suitable for different size workpieces, different batch batch shaped tubes processing, high flexibility.
  • Basic Information
    • Equipment Model:RC
    • Processing range of single robot:φ3600mm
    • Laser output power:1500W-3000W
  • Product Performance
    • Cutting small circle accuracy:±0.05mm
    • Cutting track accuracy: ±0.1mm
    • Diameter of rotary table:φ3700mm
    • Rotating table exchange time: 3.5-5s
    • The fastest cutting speed:15m/min
  • Model classification
    • Three-dimensional laser cutting machine

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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