Cylindrical Notching & Winding Integrated Machine

Product Description

Cylindrical Notching & Winding Integrated Machine

The equipment is used for electrode tab notching and winding of anode, cathode electrode and separator.

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Product Advantages

  • Tab notching position control by correction unit and CCD closed loop inspection
  • Multiple dust removal system with high efficiency
  • Internal calculating and information tracing for NG rejection
  • Online monitoring and dynamic adjustment of tab notching dimensions and tab winding alignment
  • Taper tension control with accuracy to each layer;  highly precise control of cam chase-cutting
  • Laser notching dynamically matches with winding speed, automatic jump cutting of defective electrode and resume cutting after equipment shutdown
  • Basic Information
    • Efficiency:≥15ppm(EA=5500mm)
    • Yield:99.5%
    • Coil diameter range:≤60mm
    • Compatible width:≤150mm
    • Roll diameter (UW/RW):≤ 700mm
  • Product Performance
    • Alignment:±0.3mm
    • HAZ:HAZ(Al) <100um;HAZ(Cu) <150um
    • Tab-notching accuracy:±0. 1mm
    • Laser notching burr:≤15um
    • EA notching accuracy:EA=5500±2mm
    • Multi-tabs alignment:±2mm

Sourcing Requirements

EV Battery
Smart Home
Life Sciences
Modern Building
Sheet-metal Working
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