Automation ——Precision assembly

Automation-Precision Assembly


Technical basis of precision assembly

Through demand analysis, the design objectives are determined, and the equipment skeleton is built by integrating FEMA analysis, simulation analysis, material application, DOE method and DF 'X ' design principle. Then, through the software and electrical control system technology, on the technical platform with high adaptability and expansibility, each part of the structure and components are connected into an organic whole according to the production needs from the bottom layer, and then through the interaction between the bottom layer and the terminal, the interaction and feedback of production and monitoring, internal and external information interaction and traceability, so as to achieve the goal of intelligent precision assembly.


Technical Advantages

  • Advanced fixture and structural design technology
  • Advanced simulation technology and control system technology
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    Advanced fixture and structural design technology
    • Considering the requirements of quality, precision, material properties, capacity beat, manufacturing cost, debugging difficulty, stability and life, compatibility and so on.
    • The design techniques such as dimension chain calculation, datum design, tolerance analysis, beat decomposition, operation interference simulation and freedom constraint are used to provide the most suitable clamping fixture and structure for different application scenarios.
    • In order to meet the quality control requirements in the processing process, it is necessary to study and experiment the materials with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, friction resistance, lightweight, refinement, anti-interference and other characteristics.
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    Advanced simulation technology and control system technology
    • By using the professional structural mechanics simulation tool, the basic data such as weight, load, material, force, impact and temperature of the mechanical structure are input, and the deformation, vibration, fatigue and stability of the structure are output. According to the weak position in the simulation results, the reasons are analyzed, and the targeted structural strengthening and other optimization design are carried out.
    • The hierarchical structure design of software system includes hardware driver layer, core control layer, peripheral control layer, state monitoring layer and human-computer interaction layer. Using standardized module development technology : software authorization management, user management, data acquisition, product management and other functions, custom add and delete modules, improve development efficiency, and realize custom configuration. The system has scalability, operability, controllability, scalability, etc., and constructs a simplified, efficient and high-performance system framework for the rapid development of industrial automation control systems.


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    EV power


Products relative to precision assemble

  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



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