Laser—Core Luminous

Laser-Core Luminous


Principle of core luminous

Laser luminous sitimultes photon moving by laser medium,stimulationg energy source (pump) and optical resonator.Light reflected back and forth increases in intensity and being amplified in resonator cavity, it finally formed laser beam.


Technical Advantages

  • Opitical design technology in resonator
  • Ultrafast laser technology
  • High precision temperature control technology for frequency doubling crystals
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    Opitical design technology in resonator
    • The stable & parallel plannar cavity ensures stable laser
    • The double laser crystal series design can disperse the thermal effect of light in the crystal, reduce the adverse effect of thermal effect on laser performance, and improve the efficiency of energy conversion.
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    Ultrafast laser technology
    • The special optical path design solves the problem that the laser output power cannot be improved due to the damage of semiconductor saturable absorption mirror (SESAM) for thermal effect.
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    High precision temperature control technology for frequency doubling crystals
    • The temperature control system can react quickly when the temperature changes suddenly and stay at stable temperature in a short time by adjusting the cooling and heating.
    • The cold startup time of the laser is less than 10 minutes, the hot start time is less than 2 minutes, and the accuracy of real-time temperature control reached 0.01℃.
    • It can ensure the long-term stability of laser and instantaneous power stability of switching light.


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    Nanosecond Laser
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    Ultrafast Laser


Products relative to core luminous

  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



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