Intelligent Manufacturing—— Digital Twin

Intelligent Manufacturing-Digital Twin


Principle of digital twin

Create digital models of enterprises and products based on MBD (model-based definition) and MBE (model-based enterprise) technologies, adopt Web-GL 3D visualization technology and simulation analysis technology analyze the whole product life cycle process, including material calculation, product design, processing technology, production process, product maintenance and maintenance. The physical information system is constructed to realize the interaction and integration between the physical factory and the informationized virtual enterprise.


Technical Advantages

  • Lightweight access

    WebGL 2.0 technology and 3D engine innovative technology are adopted. It is lightweight deployment, remote access to the web side and model occupancy < 100MB.

  • Simulate running status in real time

    "Real-time simulation of equipment running status, Convenient operation, Direct experience of physical entity properties, parameters and running status, Convenient to quickly understand the running status of physical equipment, Synchronization delay < 500ms."

  • Quick troubleshoot

    It help to improve the production efficiency by quick troubleshoot faults (efficiency up by 50%), that is benefit from analysis and diagnosis of the current state through the data collection and big data processing of the Internet of Things.

  • Improve user satisfaction

    Using data-driven simulation to improve employee satisfaction and productivity, it is prevent unexpected shutdown by analyzing data and monitoring systems and increase satisfaction by 80%.



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    New display
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    EV power
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    Sheet-metal working


Products relative to digital twin

  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



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