Intelligent Manufacturing—— Digital simulation

Intelligent Manufacturing-Digital simulation


Principle of digital simulation

Focus on system modeling of digital system, it is used to guide the planning, design and operation management of the actual digital system by preparing the corresponding application program on the computer to simulate the running state of the actual digital system, statistics and analysis of the simulation results. Including logistics simulation technology, cell winding simulation technology, motion simulation technology, those are fully service for all kinds of product research and development.


Technical Advantages

  • Logistics simulation technology advantage

    "Verify the layout of various schemes in the phase of plant design to short the plant planning cycle. Simulation of actual production capacity to carry out benefit analysis in advance. The initial reasonable layout planning to reduce the cost of later renovation. With production capacity forecast to help make a quick, reasonalbe decision.

  • Advantages of motion control simulation technology

    It simulates high-speed motion coupling of various control systems and identifies motion status in advance by the motion control simulation technology.

  • Advantage of tension simulation technology

    The tension simulation technology is used to conduct simulation in advance to identify the design risks and ensure the accuracy of the design solution.

  • Advantages of winding simulation technology

    It help to analyze and judge variety of influencing factors of winding cell before real action.Automatically adjusting the factor parameters according to the result of simulation, which ensure the tab alignment to meet customer requirements.



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    New display
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    EV power
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    Sheet-metal working


Products relative to digital simulation

  • EV Battery
  • Electronics
  • Photovoltaic
  • Smart Home
  • Life Sciences
  • Modern Building
  • Transports
  • Sheet-metal Working



Customer Service

Customer Service